Monday, November 25, 2013

Crazy Fun in Kindergarten (Reading Forts) - Grandparent's Day Writing Freebie too!

I am so excited to share about our day in Kindergarten today.   We started our day out reading What Grandma's Do Best/ What Grandpa's Do Best by Laura Numeroff.  We are working on writing opinion pieces about a topic and so of course we then wrote about why our Grandparent is best.   I am so amazed at what great writers my sweet little kiddos are becoming.   The light is definitely coming on.  I used these pieces below to create a bulletin board for our writing.   (Picture coming soon)

Click here to get your copy

After lunch, because my little darling's have become such great readers as well and to celebrate that The Thankful Turkey only had to take one small vacation day away in the month of Nov. (He didn't like when we weren't good listeners.) Anyway, we built a reading fort and had so much fun reading with our partners under the tent by flashlight and lamps. It was so much fun and I again was amazed at how well they buddy read and were great encouragers. I have such a sweet group this year.  It wasn't fancy but it was all their own creation.  I was so impressed at the ideas the students came up with to create and build the fort.  Lots of sheets, blankets, clamps, even binder clips and yarn were used.   Take a look at these great pics.   It was so cool!  

All in all,  it was a super great day!   My students were talking about their reading fort for the rest of the day!    I hope that you all enjoy a special time with family and friends this Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for you!