Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

I am linking up with Deanna Jump to share some of my favorite books.   Personally,  I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!   All I can say is "Oh My"!   What an emotional roller coaster.

On to one of my favorite kid books though!  I want to share about THE MAGIC FISH by Freya Littledale.  This has become one of mine and my kindergarten kiddos favorite books.

This is the story of a fisherman who earns the favor of a magic fish through his own good-heartedness. The fisherman tell his wife of his meeting with the Magic Fish and she demands that he go back and ask the fish to give them a better home than their tiny shack which the fish is happy to do,  but his wife is not content with that.  The wife then convinces  the fisherman to go ask the fish for more and more until she is Queen of the land and wants to be Queen of the Sun and the Stars.

Every time the fisherman goes to ask the fish for something else, the sea is stormier and angrier, although the fish says nothing. In the end, the fish decides that the wife has asked for too much, and so he takes away everything. 

One of my Kindergarteners last year after reading this book said,   " She just needs to learn to be happy and kind. "   Absolutely!   

There are so many great ideas and ways to use this book.  First of all,  it a great example of a fairytale/ fable and would be a way to learn about common types of text.   It is a pretty easy read and has a repetitive pattern so by the end of the year a number of my K kids were reading it for enjoyment.  

In Readers Workshop,  it would be a great book to talk about retelling and learning how to retell the beginning,  middle and end.  The illustrations are great and really support the story.   Also great to use for discussions about problem and solution and character analysis.  

In Writers Workshop,  it would be great for an illustration lesson on using background to tell part of the story (as the fisherman asks for more and more, the fish and the sea get angrier and angrier unit they have had enough) , learning to tell a story across the pages,  how to tell a story bit by bit and of course lots of ideas for conventions.   

I hope that you will come to love this story as much as I do!   

I am sure there are so many more ways to use this wonderful book.  I would love to hear from you about some of your favorite books and how you use them to support your students learning!   

Blessings to you all!



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  1. Hi Angel!
    You are too kind to drop by my blog and leave a comment! My purpose today is to return the favor.
    Believe it or not, I was just exposed to The Magic Fish book this year. My top group read it and they enjoyed it tremendously - especially the part where the wife became increasingly more and more greedy. :)
    As for a "follow up" type of project... what about asking the kids to write/draw something over which they'd like to be queen/king? (Since the wife wanted to be queen over stuff... )

    Enjoy your weekend! I return to school FOR REAL on Monday with inservices galore. Where did the summer go?