Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday (Great Freebies shared)

I absolutely love Fridays.  One of the great things I look forward to is Five for Friday.  It just gets me a little more focused and I it helps me to think about blessing and fun things from my week.

1.  This week on Monday,  my friend Dani and I went to A Dirty Dancing Quote A Long this week at a theatre downtown.  Oh my gosh,  can I just say it was so much fun!  There was great food,  etc.. but also props such as poppers,  balloons,  Patrick Swayze fans,  and maracas.  We were given some instructions to sing along with our favorites and quote when prompted.  Boo when Robbie showed up (I never liked him) and swoon when Patrick showed up.   It was some of the most fun that I have had in a long time.      I will say it was a bit more risqué for the time than I remembered.    LOL  Here is a great pic of me and my "date" for the evening.  

Here are a few pics of my classroom.  This is where the majority of my time has been spent the last few weeks.  I have been moving to a new much larger room.   

I love my teacher table -  I have not really every sewed before but made this really cute table skirt.   The other thing that I was really excited about is my Word Wall magnet board.   It turned out so great!   It is 3 24X48 pieces of sheet metal screwed into this bulletin board close to the floor.  The thing I am going to love most about it is that my students will be able to interact and use the Word Wall independently.    Woohoo!  
These are just a few shots of my classroom library.  Just a portion of it!  As I said last week,  I have a bit of a book problem!  I just love great children's literature!   There is so much!   
If you like the Class Decor used here,  it is part of my Funky Super Star Classroom Decor.  You can check it out here!  

 This caused me to decide to switch up my decor.  I create this gem of classroom decor and I really like the way it is turning out.    You can check out this Funky Super Star Class Decor in my TPT store.   

Wow!  My Pete the Cat items in my TPT store have taken off again.  I get it so much.  He is one of my very favorite characters to start the year off with.   I wanted to share some of these products with you.   First of all,  I have two different Pete Classroom decor sets - one in chevron and one in primary colors.    Some of the items included in these sets (they do vary so read the descriptions carefully),  are a Number Line including ten frames,  2D/3D posters,  Pete's shoes desk plates,  Pete Cubbie Tags,   Classroom Behavior Clip Chart,  Daily 5 Signs,  Bulletin Board Pieces,  To Do List sheet,   A Calendar Set,  Word Wall Header and Word Wall Alphabet Cards,  Daily Schedule,  Birthday Board and Table Signs.  All of these with cute Pete decor.   I have heard so much positive feedback.   I have 31 different Pete products available (some are bundled) but be sure to check them out and there are some great FREEBIES too!   Click the pictures!  

Another of my favorite Pete products (and my bestseller) is my Pete the Cat -  Is It A Letter,  Word or Sentence sort?   This is a great activity to use whole, group or with a small group time,  for word work or for a literacy station.   This is a true favorite of mine.  

This evening we spent a little time downtown in our community where they held Hot Summer Nights on each Friday in the month of August.  This evenings theme was Emergency Vehicles and a Patriotic Night!  It was a great evening watching the community come together,  supporting our local police,  firefighters,  and emergency responders.    There was also a great salute to our armed forces with a balloon release in their honor!  It was beautiful!   I love small town life!   

I am so very excited about this upcoming TPT sale!   Just 2 more days!!!   I have discounted my entire store by 20 % so with the Sale you can get up to 28 % off.  That's an awesome deal!   I have lots of items on my wish list!  What's on yours ?   Click on over to my store and grab some great deals!  Let me know what you think!  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I would love to hear from you!   Blessings to you all! 



  1. I love your metal word wall! What a great way for kids to be the owners of the information! :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  2. Thanks Nichole! It was a lot of work but will be well worth it!

  3. Hello Angel! Glad to have found you... I cruised around your site and see we have various things in common. As to your room, be SO happy you are moving to a larger room. Several years ago I had to move to a much smaller one. It is much easier to go large, than small! I don't know if we'll ever get our garage back! I'm following you. And thanks for your freebies... we do a bit of Pete the Cat, too. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom