Saturday, January 4, 2014

My 2014 Professional Goals!

Wow!  This is a record for me to blog two times in a day.  I hardly get twice in a month usually.  But that leads me to the thought of goals!  I came across this link from  Blog Hoppin'  that inspired me to think about not just personal goals,  but what I want to accomplish professionally!

As I think about heading to school on Monday morning,  I think I am fairly well prepared for this week - plans are made,  materials are ready,  books set aside,  all math and literacy stations are ready, etc..  But I have had two weeks to get it together!   LOL  I am usually pretty prepared but I often change it up midstream because I have thought up a new way to teach the lesson (for me anyways) or come across a great new idea.   This then leads me down a treacherous path where I am then on trying to play catch up the rest of the week.  My goal is to make the plan,  carry through with preparation and then go with what I have.  I will always reflect with feedback and can change it up next time if need be,  but I have got to maintain and stay on track.  This is professionally and personally.  I can't tell you how many "personal" hours I spend on school stuff.  That has to get better!  

My 2nd goal is to spend more time (probably in the AM), checking out my colleagues classrooms,  interacting with them more, and just hanging out.  I tend to get very focused on what I need to get done, and miss out on building those very important relationships with colleagues. (see above goal for the reason this one is hard for me)  I know that they have some awesome ideas but we have to talk to be able to share!    I believe that "Collaboration is the stuff of growth" ( not sure who to contribute that one to) and for collaboration and not to mention unity to occur,  I must get outside of my own classroom and interact!   

I feel very confident about teaching Reading and Writing.  I am a researcher at heart.   I work hard planning and preparing for upcoming Units of Study, analyzing data and addressing student needs in these areas.  I absolutely love it!  But my area of weakness is Math.  I am so thankful for my colleague Laura, who keeps me on track with Math.  She is awesome!  I want to be able to really think through some of those harder Math concepts and get my mathemeticians really thinking deep!  We are great with number sense, adding and subtracting but we are moving slowly when it comes to my students thinking on their own without me supporting them so much, i.e. me keeping the discussion going.  I want to improve with my Math Talks and really working on problem solving.  

 I have the book Number Talks- now just to get it started!   I will post more about this as I learn!    

My last goal is to become a better blogger!  One of my very favorite things at school are the discussions that take place during our PLT time.    As we discuss student data, assess where we need to work and grow and then collaborate and create ideas to meet the needs of our students and our district goals I get very excited!  My desire is to be able to share those ideas with you to help you grow as well.  I love to hear back from my followers and other bloggers as well.  It helps me grow too!  

As I think about the common thread in all of these goals,  the big thing I see is how thankful I am for community.   These blogs, ideas and suggestions and  goals will help me grow as an educator of young children and I will pass that on to others as well!  I leave this blog this evening with a heart full of gratitude and love for this community!  

Blessings to you all,


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